If you would like to purchase this Fury immediately, please call or email. I can add a "Buy It Now" price to the auction or I can send an invoice through Paypal for a deposit. You can name the amount. My goal here is to sell the Fury. You're welcome to call me day or night, Monday through Sunday at 816.308.0351.

     We actually found this Fury in a small town just outside of Kansas City. For decades, this car was used as a Parade car. This went on until the mid 90's which is when she was stored away only to be found by us. From what I know, the Fury went through a very basic restoration in the early 80's. The restoration consisted of basic body work, a new coat of paint, and the drive train was gone through. Today, she is in need of some work but she does run out very well. This is not a car that requires a full frame off restoration. In fact, you could easily cruise it while you work on it. About the only thing she truly needs to make her a daily driver is some minor brake work.

     Today, I can hop in, pump the gas two times and she fires up with out missing a beat. The Fury runs out very well. It shifts out with absolutely no problems and it does not leak any transmission fluid or oil. Mechanically, it is in pretty good shape. All of the electrical components through out the Fury are also functional. Overall the Fury is a great car. It has not been heavily molested and it still retains most of its original factory components. Like the interior for example, there are no rips, tears, or major stains within the seats and door panels. With a good detailing, you could bring it back to where it was almost like new again and that in its own tells a pretty good story on how well maintained the Fury has been.

Body: The body on this Fury was gone through in the early 80's. It is fairly solid considering its age. The frame rails are solid as are the doors, fenders, A-pilars, cowl, trunk lid, hood, fender wells both front and back. It did however receive a patch panel within the trunk as well as within the floor. To the naked eye, you may not notice it but they are there. The quarter panels also received some patch work which needs to be corrected. It does need new quarter as well as a new rear sill panel. The paint on the car is ok but it does have age on it. It looks just about the same in person as it does within the photos. All of the chrome and stainless through out the Fury is in really good condition. The front grille and headlight bezels are in phenomenal condition. The convertible top as you will notice has completely deteriorated from the structure. From what I have gathered, it appears to have had the original top from the factory on it. The structure itself is completely in tact and is also completely functional. The motor itself works extremely well. I've seen brand new motors that did not function even half as well as this one does. I suppose it is fair to say that things were made far better back then. The handles for the top are also in good condition and are still very functional. The wheels and tires on the Fury are also in pretty good condition. I also will be including with the Fury, the original Fender Skirts. All of the glass through out the Fury (with the exception of the rear window) is in good shape.

Engine & Mechanical: I do believe that this does retain the original 383 Commando as well as its original 727 automatic transmission. Both of which are in great working order. The motor turns over every time and runs extremely well. Which is actually pretty odd given the fact that the Fury still retains some pretty old gas. With the fuel system flushed and some newer fuel in place, I couldn't imagine it running even better than it does now but logically it would definitely make some difference. The power steering setup is in good working order but the brake system does have a very slow leak which will need to be addressed. You can hop in it today, pump the brakes up and they work but that leak will need addressed. It doesn't appear to be coming from the brake booster but from a line right below it. All of the electrical components are in good working order on the Fury. The head lights, tail lights, turn signals, wipers, blower motor, everything is in good working order. Even the radio comes on and you can hear static but unfortunately it does not pick up any stations. The drivers side turn signal also will require a new bulb.

Interior: The interior within the Fury is in pretty good condition. Both of the front bucket seats do not have any tears or areas that are coming unseamed. The same can be said for the back seat. Aside from a good detailing, they do not need anything. The center console is also all there but the lid itself is unable to latch. We do have the parts but it needs to be fixed. We also do not have the pieces for the shifter and the section in front of the shifter (just under the dash on the center console). The door panels through out the Fury, both front and back, are in pretty good shape. Aside from the carpet on the doors being a bit faded, they don't need anything. The instrument panel is also in pretty good condition. The dash pad does have some minor cracking in areas.

     The Sport Fury III's are definitely a rare breed and are fairly difficult to find. Especially in this type of condition. If you're lucky enough to find one, it usually is on one end of the scale or the other (extremely expensive or in a field). Any mid 60's big block Convertible Mopar is obviously a rare treat but this one presents itself with a whole range of possibilities. If you're a collector and you believe it needs to go through a concourse restoration then this is the one you would do. If you're a purest, you'll tinker with it and cruise it all Summer long. Either way, this is a win win vehicle no matter what angle you're viewing it from. I will be evaluating all reasonable offers and I will in fact sell the Fury early as we do have it for sale "locally". I strongly encourage anyone who is interested to please call or email to schedule a time to come check it out. I would also like to add that I am usually on the phone from 7 AM until about 12 AM so you are always welcome to call and if I do not answer, just leave a message and I will return your call immediately. I know from my own experience with purchasing cars online, most of the time it is very difficult to get someone on the phone and to obtain the information you need. So I try to always stay on top of emails and phone calls. We do have a clear title for this Fury. As always, good luck and happy bidding!



(816) 308-0351


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